Bark, Soil & Mulch Blowing  

Blowers make landscaping EASY for landscapers all around the world. Blower units use compressed air to send materials through a hose and deliver a specialised finish, unachievable by any other methods.

We are able to provide clients with Bark, Soil & Mulch Blowing services 60 metres from the operating unit and up multiple levels. The Blower allows our team to apply materials on any terrain, and any hard to reach areas such as hillsides, sites in wet conditions, and even over water. We only need 150mm of access!

Why get your materials blown?

- Blowers make your job easy and take away the hard labour
- Blowers can deliver more than 10cubic metres per hour
- Clumps are broken up for a more even spread on your garden or site
- Eliminates damage to existing gardens/ lawns and other services
- No stock piles of mulch or soil on driveways

What materials can be blown from the Blower?

Soil Mixes

Organic Garden mix

Planter Box Mix

Turf Underlay

Topdressing mix


Decorative Mulches

15mm Pine Bark 
25mm Pine Bark

Playground Mulch

Cypress Fines
Woodchip Fines 

Landscape Services

We can provide professional landscape services for all areas of landscaping from general horticulture to all structural landscaping.

Regional work

We provide our services to all Regional NSW areas given there is prior notice, contact us to make an enquiry. 

Earth Works

We can provide all sorts of earth works including Skid Steer loaders and mini loaders, truck hire, and excavation.

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